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Bhoomi Pujan is the ritual to pray for divine blessings before any kind of construction work begins on our mother nature. This is the traditional way of offering faith and sincerity which is the key to auspicious result in you construction work. Performing Bhoomi Puja before starting construction work has special significance in the Vaastu Shastra. Bhoomi is our mother nature, when we erect a tall building on this mother land or harvest a field we are disturbing the nature with the sharp tools and weapons. So by performing Bhoomi Pujan we seek permission and forgiveness for our actions that disturb the ecological balance of mother nature. Our Vedic literature has special mantras and Sutras to appease the energies of nature. Chanting this mantras to receive the blessing of our mother land which brings peace and prosperity in our work life and Personal life. Before performing Bhoomi pujan at your land a correct time must be chosen accordance to vaastu Muhurat. For performing the pujan a diagram is drawn with colored rice and other grains, then a pit is dug nearby to lay down the very first brick of the constunction. This whole ceremony is done preferably in the morning as it is most auspicious time of the day. This is the way of paying regards to the Vaastu Purush and and our mother earth hence all this rituals must be perform under the guidance of the knowledgeable scholar of Vaastu Shastra and Karmkaand. This rituals include shatkarma, sankalpa, Devi poojan,Bhoomi Pujan, Pran Prathista, after all the mention anusthaan and perform Aarti followed by Prasad.


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