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Dhanteras is the festival of prosperity and light celebrated on the 13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha as per Hindu calendar. Dhan means wealth and Teras means thirteenth day hence this day all the Hindu deity worship goddess Laxmi to provide prosperity and wellbeing. Dhanteras Puja also marks the beginning of the first day of Five day Diwali festival. This day is celebrated by purchasing ornaments, jewelries, utensils, etc as it is considered very auspicious to do so on this day. To perform this puja at your place subh Muhrat of puja is checked by Hindu calendar and following preparation must be done before starting the Puja: Lamp made out of clay, Ghee, water, rice, money,asana, milk, sugar etc. Puja is begin by lighting the lamp this lamp is referred as Yamadeep, as this Deepak pleases Yamaraj and our ancestors. After this puja of the goddess Laxmi is performed with roli, rice , dakshina, etc followed by Aarti, bhajan and distribution of sweets and Prasad. Dhanteras puja has special significance in the life of Hindu deity. People purchase metals like gold, silver in order to make goddess Laxmi arrive at their home. One can find the small sticker of footprints of goddess Laxmi on the steps at the entrance of the house. Diwali the largest festival of hindu starts with Dhanteras Puja followed by Choti Deepawali and continue for next four days. You can book Dhanteras puja at www.superpandit.com by selecting the Pujari and rest care would be taken by SuperPandit.


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