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Gauri is another name of goddess Parvati mother of lord Ganesha its is one of its kind where mother and son are worshipped together. Gauri pujan is done a day before Ganesh Chaturthi and idol of Gauri is welcomed to our home. Devotees believe that ritual of bringing goddess Gauri at our home will bring wealth and prosperity in their home. Though idols of Gauri is bought earlier but it is immersed with the seventh day of Visarjan. Some regions of Mahrashtra consider gauri puja as upasana of Goddess Laxmi. She is worshipped as the goddess of harvest and protector of women. Preparation of Gauri Puja is done in same way as ganesh puja. All married women in the community mark the footsteps of goddess Gauri with Rangoli (Colorful powder) to welcome her home. In some houses Gauri arrives in pair ie. Jyestha and kanishta.The vessel that hold the grain are also the base for the gauris bodies and there head is place on the top of the bodyafter a puja to welcome them. The girls performing Gauri Puja eat only once during the day,they have only plain preparation made of flour such as chapatti, puri parataha etc. without adding salts. They also take milk dairy products and dry fruits. On the sixth day morning, they perform final worship of Jwara after bath and then immerse them into ponds, lakes or any flowing water. This way we celebrate Gauri Puja in and across Maharastra.


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