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Marriage(Vivah)in Hindu philosophy is one of the 16 Sanskara (teachings) which every Hindu go through in his/her life time. As per Hindu religion this Sanskara is called Vivah Sanskarara (Wedding ceremony). Celebration of Marriage continues for several days where family of bride and groom participate actively in the ceremony. Various types of Puja performed during celebrations which brings two family together. Rituals and puja starts as follows: Sagai/Tilak (Engagement) in presence of family members and relatives. Sangeet (Musical event) by relatives of bride and groom Haldi Snan and Mehendi (at Bride ) applying turmeric for physical and religious purity and to make the couple more attractive. Dwaar Puja (Arrival of groom at wedding venue) Varmala: Exchanging garlands of flower in presence of family and friends. Kanyadaan: Bride parents give her away to her husband. Here Parents of bride washes the feet of the groom which symbolizes the giving away of goddess Laxmi to the lord Vishnu. Gath Bandhan: A knot of bride sarees and groom scraf is tied symbolizing the merging of two souls, followed by showering of rose petals and rice grains on the couple. Saath Phere(Saptpadi): Now the couple goes around the sacred fire seven times, each circle representing 1 oath Circle 1: Always remember the divine lord. Circle 2: Always treat each other with sympathy, love and compassion. Circle 3: Help each other in all good deeds Circle 4: Keep in mind pure and Virtuous. Be strong and righteous. Circle 5: Show goodwill and affection to parents. Circle 6: Bring up a child in such a manner that they are strong in Mind and Body. Circle 7: Always welcome and respect guest. Vidaai: This is the last ritual where bride goes with groom leaving her family.


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