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Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja is performed for our forefathers or ancestors to attain peace, especially from fathers side hence known as Pitra Dosh. This puja is done by the deity to rectify the Pitra Dosh from once horoscope. Such shanti is performed if the last rites of the forfathers are not performed properly or due to some wrong karma of our ancestor. Pitra dosh has many different aspects but main cause are knowingly or unknowingly embarrassing the soul of ancestors, if we fail to respect/ honour ancestoes properly or if certain which of the ancestors remained un fulfilled. As per our Vedic scriptures there are various remedies to Pitru Dosh Shanti. The remedies for Pitra Dosh Shanti puja is to perform Narayan Bali Puja at Tryambekeshwar in Nashik, Chndod near Vadodra, Kala hasti in tamil Nadu, On the bank of ganges in Haridwar, Pichash Mochan near Varanasi. Regular anusthaan can also be performed during the month of Pitra paksha. After performing Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja. Pitra Dosh puja has various benefits if performed properly like business start running smoothly, family life become happy and healthy. After Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja a Hawan is lit and pinda daan is done on the bank of the river near by the shiva temple on the above specified temple. So if you are suffering form Pitra dosh than please perform the Shanti puja as soon as possible to get the benefit of it. At www.superpandit.com you will find the best Panditji to perform all kinds of puja and specially Pitra Dosh Shanti puja at above given temples.


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